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What is Credit Sharing?

Piggyback Credit is revolutionizing the financial services industry. We are financial match-makers. We connect individuals looking for passive income streams, with individuals wanting to build their credit. It is a win-win.


Your personal information will never be at risk. We use the highest level of security.


We have helped over a thousand customers achieve their credit and financial goals.


We have a network of loyal particiants ready to talk with you about any concerns or questions.


You can add a passive income stream by helping someone boost their credit. Get paid to help others.

Ready to increase your credit score and gain more financial freedom?

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Meet Our Customers

At Piggyback Credit, we are connectors. Our customers are categorized into one of two sections.

Credit Sharers

A Credit Sharer is someone who has one or more credit cards with low balances and good payment history. Having good credit is not needed to qualify but having it can help you periodically raise your limits and make more money.


A Piggybacker is someone who needs to establish or rebuild their credit score. The Piggybacker will be paired with one or more Credit Sharer accounts ranging from cost, age and credit limit.

Ready to earn passive income while helping others achieve their goals?

How It Works

Piggybacking (i.e. Credit Sharing) is the legal practice of adding an additional, approved individual to one's credit card account in an attempt to increase the individual's credit score. In 1974, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act was created which requires banking institutions to report these approved individuals to the credit bureau each month.

To become a Credit Sharer

The only information we need, in order to determine whether you qualify or not is:
• Credit card company
• Year card opened
• Credit card limit.
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Applying allows us at Piggyback Credit to formulate a quote for a particular card. Credit cards in this program should be using between 1-15% of the available balance each month as this yields the best results for the Piggybacker. Also note that there is no limit to the number of credit cards a particular Credit Sharer can utilize as long as they qualify.

Once accepted, you will receive a secure list of matched Piggybackers to add to your account for a specified period of time. At the end of that time the Credit Sharer will be paid, and then receive a new list of Piggybackers to repeat the process.

To become a Piggybacker

A potential Piggybacker qualifies if they are seeking an opportunity to rebuild or establish good credit and have a budget dedicated to being matched with one or more Credit Sharer accounts. They will also have to share the following sensitive data:

  • Legal Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Birthday

Once a match occurs we will securely share the Piggybackers identity with the Credit Sharer so they can be added to their account for the specified period of time.
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Lifetime Credit Sharers
Lifetime Piggybackers

Our Guarantees

The most important thing at Piggyback Credit is making sure our members are happy. We work very hard to ensure that everyone involved has a positive experience. This is how we have built up such a loyal, trusting, following. At Piggyback Credit, you are part of the family.

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Convenience
  • Support

Our Expertise

At Piggyback Credit we securely manage the relationship between the Credit Sharer and Piggybacker. The two parties will have no correspondence with one another. It is discreet, efficient, easy, and secure. We are experts in helping individuals make money by helping others boost credit.

  • Security
  • Experience
  • Advising
  • Quick-response

Why Trust Us?

$10,000 Fidelity Bond

SSL Protocol & Encryption Technology

Money Back Guarantee


Elias, Piggybacker

I'm glad to say my Experian FICO has jumped to 812. I now have 4 new credit cards and soon I'll be in a position to become a Credit Sharer.

Billie, Credit Sharer

My husband and I are extremely grateful we found Piggyback Credit. We almost lost our home but the additional income has allowed us to pay off all of our outstanding debts. We would highly recommend Piggyback Credit to any and everyone.

Tom, Credit Sharer

Piggyback Credit has provided me an excellent opportunity to receive passive income, as well as use good credit in a unique way to help others. The team is both professional and have in depth knowledge in this area making my experience simple and gratifying!


We go to great measures to ensure our customers fully understand what is at play. Unlike most financial services, education is very important to us. We want to make sure you are comfortable and informed before applying to join our program. The result is an extremely loyal, trusting customer base.

Adding Piggybackers will not affect a Credit Sharer's credit score. Credit scores are determined by the payment history and debt on the card. While Credit Sharers continue on-time payments, there is no effect of adding Piggybackers on the Credit Sharer’s side.

The only risk of adding a Piggybacker to your credit card is the risk of closure. These closures are rare and with our conservative and educated approach we have been able to minimize such occurrences.

Credit Sharers will never be asked to share their credit card numbers and Piggybackers will never have access to them. Sharers remain in control of their confidential information throughout the entire process.

Ask about our referral program.

You can earn a cash bonus when you refer a Credit Sharer or Piggybacker who qualifies and joins Piggyback Credit.

Loyal Credit Sharers
Satisfied Piggybackers

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